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UBUNTU Contributionism Touts a Society Without Money: Everyone Is Equal

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Author, scientist and explorer Michael Tellinger from South Africa is traveling the world spreading the philosopy of UBUNTU – an African concept of Contributionism.

He has been at Ohio University this week and he is delivering a talk in Nelson Commons Reception Room on Thursday, Sept. 22 at 7 p.m. The talk is titled: “Ubuntu: A New and Ancient Story.”

Tellinger has developed the concept of Ubuntu Contributionism. He claims it is a social movement promoting communities where people live, function and they thrive without money. He says everyone in the community contributes their abilities, skills and talents on an equal basis and as a result the community prospers.

“It becomes utopian,” Tellinger says. “And utopian is not a bad word.”

If a community adopts Contributionism, the people become more independent and less reliant of people with money and power, Tellinger claims. They are more self-reliant.

Tellinger also has founded the global Ubuntu Liberation Movement and the Ubuntu Party to spread the Contributionism philosophy. So far, that political party has participated in elections in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Australia. He hopes the party soon will become a reality in the United States.

The political movement is targeting local community elections instead of statewide or federal offices. Tellinger told WOUB’s Tom Hodson that people in small cities are more likely to listen to his message than are higher level politicians who are dependent on money to stay in power.

If you wish to have more information, go to the Ubuntu USA website at