Nelsonville-York Expects Its Dominant Defense to Return

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It’s week six and conference play is in full swing. This week Nelsonville-York (3-2, 1-0) takes on Meigs (3-2, 1-1). Each team is battling for their second win in the TVC-Ohio.

Last week, Meigs barely held off River Valley 38-34 after blowing a 32-0 lead at halftime. Meanwhile, Nelsonville-York utilized the second half to its full advantage, scoring three times in the third quarter and beating Logan 35-0.

The Marauders have struggled with a lot of injuries this year. However, Coach Mike Bartrum has high hopes that his team will continue to step up when they are needed and focus on the positives.

Nelsonville-York is sure to have an advantage this week at home. N-Y has a combined total of 400 rushing and receiving yards this year, so Meigs’ defense really needs to step up this week. Especially with Hunter Edwards at quarter back and Alex Mount averaging 157.4 yards per game.

Offensively, Meigs needs to work on eliminating turn overs and capitalizing its plays. If the Marauders can come out with the same intensity they did in the first half last week, while keeping momentum throughout the entire game they have a fighting chance for this game.

Over the past few years, this game has gone back and forth with wins and losses for each team. “We take pride in our football program in Southeast Ohio,” Bartrum said. “I know Nelsonville-York feels the same way.”

The competitive drive between these two teams really sums up the TVC-Ohio. Be sure to see the action Friday at 7 PM at Nelsonville-York.