Jackson Clinches SEOAL Title

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Friday night was a historic night for Jackson High School football. After 92 years, the Southeastern Ohio Athletic league is disbanding, making this game Jackson’s last in the conference. The Ironmen ended their last SEAOL game with a win: the final score 46-14.

However, Jackson did not get off to a good start. Two-minutes and thirty seconds into the game, Logan catches Jackson off guard, intercepts a pass attempt and returns it 89 yards for the pick-six.

In the beginning of the first half it looked as though it would be a close back and forth game as three minutes later, Johnny Farley, for Jackson tied the game back up at 7 to 7. Once the Ironmen gained momentum there was no stopping them.

Blake McCoy and Farley were a crucial part of the offense. Logan’s defense attempted to keep McCoy and Farley from gaining yards, but were only marginally successful. They managed to hold them on a couple drives, and Carter denied Farley from successfully completing a fourth down attempt on one of the drives. Ultimately, the two players speed and technical skills lead Jackson to dominate the game. They both had two touchdowns, and between the two of them had a total of 176 rushing yards and 218 receiving yards.

The majority of Jackson’s scoring plays were big plays driven by quarterback, Hall. Hall had five scoring plays to five different players to include Neal, Evan and Coffey- who had a 69-yard touchdown rush.

Not only did McCoy and Farley do well on offense, but both players played defense as well. Wherever a Chieftain tried to run, it seemed that Farley was there to stop them, and if he was not, then McCoy was right behind him. Overall, Jackson’s defense made it difficult for the Chieftains to score. The chieftains struggled to complete passes, many of which could have been game-changing completions. However, Breining for Logan did pull through with a 39-yard catch, and Minor finished the drive off with a three-yard touchdown rush.

The game was marked by a lot of good plays negated by penalties and turnovers. There were four interceptions in the game- Jackson with two and Logan with two. Ultimately, Jackson pulled away with the win for an updated 6-2 season record, and putting Logan at 1-6.

Next week, Logan plays St. Francis DeSales at home at 7pm, and Jackson plays Meigs at home at 7:30pm.