Unofficial Election Results for Pickaway County

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Unofficial election results for Pickaway County are in.

Voters in Pickaway County have voted against the Paint Valley Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health levy, according to unofficial results.

12,740 people voted against the levy compared to the 10,451 who voted for it.

The 1 mill levy would have been used to support a variety of mental health and substance abuse services, including crisis, detox, treatment and prevention programming, according to the Chillicothe Gazette.

Voters have voted in favor of Sunday Liquor Sales 456-263, allowing the 56 Mini Mart to sell alcohol from 11 a.m. to midnight on Sundays.

Republicans Harold Henson and Brian Stewart were elected as the County Commissioners  Henson took the lead with 13,795 votes and Stewart with 13,144.  Henson’s opponents were Democrat Warren R. Spangler and Michael R. Parks.  Spangler had 7,119 votes, while Parks had 1,889.  Stewart battled John R. Ankrom, who had 9,401 votes.

James Dean won the election to serve as the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas with 14,142 votes.  His opponent was Thomas Clark Zwaker with 8,536 votes.

Democrat Robert B. Radcliff was elected to be the county Sheriff with 12,805 votes against Wm. Jason Lawless, 10,773 votes.

Republican Ellery S. Elick was elected to be the Country Treasuer with 14,548 votes.  She was opposed by Jan Shannon with 8,282 votes.

Voters in Ashville Village have voted in favor of the Gas Aggregation, 886-767.

Perry Township voters have voted in favor of the 1.5 replacement levy supporting the New Holland Cemetery which will fund the maintenance and operation of cemeteries 139-114.  Voters in New Holland Village have also voted for the .5 mill levy supporting the Community Center 142-115 and against the Current Expenses 1 mill levy 142-114.

Voters have approved a 1.5 mill replacement levy within Walnut Township in order to support Fire & Emergency Medical Support 407-209.  Voters have also voted to renew a 2 mill levy in support of the Southwest Pickaway Fire District 489-210 and a 2.5 mill levy in support of the Tri-County Joint Fire Operating Expenses 979-484.