Unofficial Election Results from Noble County

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Unofficial election results are in for Noble County.

Voters have approved .4 mill levy that will fund senior citizens services and facilities, according to unofficial results.

4,143 of the votes voted for the levy while 1,507 voted against the levy.

The funds will benefit senior citizens services by operating revenue for senior citizens.

The 4-H Service Fund is yet another renewal tax for the purpose of providing revenue to the Ohio Cooperative Extension Service Fund for 4-H, agriculture and natural resources, home economics, and economic development. The tax levy won with a vote count of 3,825 for it and 1,507 votes against it.

Center Township Cemetery tax renewal did pass with 415 voting for and 185 voting against. Summerfield, which is a local neighborhood, proposed a tax levy for covering operating expenses. 65 voters were for while 26 voters were against. Elk Township also had a tax renewal about operating expenses around the township. 94 were for the renewal while 49 were against. The last tax renewal was Rolling Hills Local School District which will provide emergency requirements of Rolling Hills in the sum of one million four thousand dollars with 4 mills for for each dollar of valuation.

Ty Moore will be the Republican nominee for County Commissioner. Moore received 4,127 votes while his opponent, Allan Schehl, received 1,663 votes.