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Cyber Security is Key Today to Major Media Companies

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Security is a huge issue for any corporation but it is an even bigger concern for a major media company, according to Bob Carson, the Chief Information Officer and Vice President of the E. W. Scripps Company.

News and information must be pure and not adulterated by any outside entity, according to Carson.

He recently visited Athens along with Jeff Hassan, Scripps’ Managing Director of Planning. Both were here for the annual Scripps Day sponsored by the Scripps College of Communication.

Both claim that the transformation of media into the digital environment has made computers much more vulnerable to cyberattacks from outside entities. They point to the major Yahoo breach of 2014 as an example.

However, they vow that it is their job, within a major media company, to stay at least one step ahead of any hacker who might want to hold the company hostage or interfere with the broadcasting of news and data.

In addition to corporate security, Carson and Hassan said that they try to raise individual employee awareness so they can avoid difficulty with corporate computers.

While on campus, Carson and Hassan spoke with students and faculty about security issues.

Carson is no stranger to Ohio University. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the J. Warren McClure School of Information and Telecommunication Systems – a school within the Scripps College of Communication.