Trimble Quashes First Win Hopes for Federal Hocking

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Disappointment covered the faces of the Federal Hocking Lancers, as their hopes of capturing their first win of the season were ceased by the Trimble Tomcats, whose defensive pressure created several turnovers and opportunities for transitional points in Trimble’s 71-35 win.

The Lancers started off well, as they were leading at the end of the first quarter 13-11. However, the momentum quickly depleted due to careless turnovers, resulting in several fast break opportunities for the Tomcats, who scored an array of transitional points.

The Lancers committed a total of 29 turnovers, an issue head coach Josh Vernon said has hindered them throughout the season. In turn, Vernon said they’ve worked on reducing their mistakes by focusing on the fundamentals, which he hopes will limit the team’s mistakes.

In addition to their turnovers, coach Vernon said their lack of depth has also contributed to their 0-13 record, as the reliance on a small crop of players has stiffened his game plan.

“There was very little substitutions going on,” said Vernon. “We’re just not very deep. It’s a huge drop off from our fifth guy to our sixth guy.”

Despite their deficiencies, coach Vernon said their effort has remained consistent throughout the season as a result of their hard-working mentality. Though the performances of guards Walter Church and Deakin Hatfield, who scored 12 and 10 points respectively, weren’t enough to elevate them past the Tomcats, they fought until the end of the buzzer.

“Believe it or not at 0-13 it’s amazing how much the kids still want to play and want to work,” said coach Vernon. “That makes me prouder than anything.”

The Lancers intend on continuing to harness their relentless effort, as they fight to receive their first win of the season when they face teams Waterford on January 20 and South Gallia on Jan 21.

Trimble has a quick turnaround and will visit Chesapeake on Saturday.