How President Trump’s Ban Affects Ohio University

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President Trump’s latest Executive Order forbids citizens of seven countries to enter the US for 90 days. Several students and Faculty of Ohio University are affected by the ban. They are not allowed to re-enter the US if they were to leave. University officials would not release the number of people affected by the order because of Federal Privacy Laws.

Krista Mccallum is the Director of the International Student and Faculty Services (ISFS). She says the ISFS is offering counseling and reaching out to students to help them understand the Executive Order.

“One of the challenges with this particular Executive Order is there is some very vague language,” she said.

“And so were not entirely sure what it is going to mean and so were trying to get information and then share that with students. And make sure they’re getting god solid immigration advice and understanding how this could affect them.”

One of the students who is impacted by the ban is Ramin Rabbani from Iran. He came to Athens to get his PhD in Chemistry. Rabbani is convinced the ban will be bad for America’s economy and educational institutions.

Ramin Rabbani - Iranian PhD student
Ramin Rabbani – Iranian PhD student

“I have some friends in Iran, exactly like me, they want to do their PhD and because of the ban they cannot,” he said. “I know a friend who got admitted in one of the top schools here for chemistry but because of the ban he is right now thinking to go to Canada.”

Rabbani finds it unjust that every Iranian is under general suspicion now. The political changes make him question his decision to come to the US.

“I feel sad, exhausted and depressed by this decision because I’m thinking that it stops me or my family to visiting each other,” he said. “I’m feeling that I’m in cage, in prison.”

The last time Rabbani saw his family was two years ago. He planned to visit them this summer. Now he is hoping the ban will only last scheduled 90 days and won’t be renewed.

Members of Ohio University who are affected by the Executive Order can contact the International Student and Faculty Services (ISFS). The ISFS will help those who have questions or concerns. You can reach them under (740) 593-4330 or send them an email to: