Ohio University to Provide Summer Support for International Students

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Scores of international students and faculty in Athens will have a place to stay this summer thanks to support from Ohio University. While they would normally return to their home countries during the summer break, many fear doing so would prevent them from returning in the fall.

Those concerns arose with President Trump’s executive order banning travel from a number of Middle Eastern and African countries. About 100 students and faculty could be affected by the ban. International students and faculty from Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Libya and Yemen are specifically affected by the order.

OU’s Plan to stay open during summer

The university began monitoring federal immigration laws, policies and practices when the ban was ordered. With that in mind, OU made the decision to offer summer housing and dining services to those affected.

“I think they should stay open because they cannot go home to their families and it’s a bad situation,” international student Abduhlhakeem Albulushi said.

The offices of International Student Faculty Services, Housing and Residence Life and Culinary Services have partnered to provide the added assistance.

Housing and Residence Life
Housing and Residence Life

Other resources provided

International Student and Faculty Services
International Student and Faculty Services

The university is encouraging international students needing summer support to contact the office of International Student and Faculty Services.

In addition to providing access to housing and dining, the university has waived the well-being fee for students seeking counseling and psychological services. And the Office of Legal Affairs will make an immigration attorney available to provide immigration resources.

“The university knows how to handle situations like this,” international student Saif Almazoroui said. “They know how to make the best decisions for the students, and to see what the students want and make the decision because students want this. So that there is a connection between the students and the university.”

The university said it will continue to update its website on the immigration executive orders.