Eastern Eagles Bounced Out Of Playoffs

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In tonight’s playoff game between the Eastern Eagles and the Green Bobcats, the Bobcats secured their first playoff win and kept their postseason hopes alive as they defeated the Eagles 59-50.

Whenever it comes to the postseason, whether it’s the first round or state championship, emotions are always going to be high and each team displayed all they had on the hardwood tonight. Throughout the match-up it was a back and forth affair with neither team getting any sort of dominant advantage on the scoreboard. In the first quarter Eastern’s offense was surprisingly led by forwards Garrett Barringer and Kaleb Hill as Barringer scored six points from the free throw line while Hill grabbed rebound after rebound. When it came to the opposition, Green kept themselves in the game by the play of guard Tanner Kimbler as he hit from beyond the three-point line again and again.

As both teams kept fighting to gain the upper advantage and the first half started to come to a close, a hard-fought loose ball between Eastern’s Jett Facemeyer and one of Green’s players turned into a scuffle and ended up becoming a technical foul on Green. The scuffle and technical foul would also lead to one of the parents on Green’s side to yell out an obscene remark to the referees, leading her to be thrown out for the remainder of the game. Eastern would head into the half with the lead by a score of 22-20.

When both teams came out for the second half, there was a buzz in the whole gym where everyone knew that the game was going to come down to the last couple of minutes. Eastern would start the third quarter still in control as Kaleb Hill continued to dominate the boards and put up points inside the paint. However, Kimbler would continue his red hot outside shooting, keeping Green in the game. The third quarter would go on to be the most contested, fought out quarter between both teams as there was a total of five lead changes throughout the eight minutes.

Going into the fourth and final quarter emotions were remained at an extreme level as both teams realized this could be the last eight minutes of their seasons. Although each team recognized this possible reality, it was Green who came out and won the battle of the fourth as they pulled away with their air tight defense and hit several shots from inside and secured a bunch of offensive rebounds. Eastern’s offense would struggle as every shot they put up was highly contested by Green’s perimeter and low-post defense. Green would jump out to a ten-point lead to take full control of the game and secure their first postseason win of this year’s playoffs.

Eastern star player Jett Facemeyer would end the game and his high school career with a poor shooting performance as he shot an overall 5 for 21 from the field. Eastern’s Kaleb Hill would end the night as the most efficient player for Eastern as he recorded 14 points, 12 rebounds and two blocks and Green’s Kimbler would end the game as the game’s top scorer with 24 points and 5 three pointers. While the postseason continues Green will look to keep their postseason run alive as they play Waterford in their next match-up. Eastern will look to recuperate after their loss and spend the off season on trying to fill the massive scoring void of losing Jett Facemeyer.