Listen to your NPR One account on Amazon Echo

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Listeners can now sync their NPR One accounts and listen on your Amazon Echo.

Enabling the NPR One skill
Say “Alexa, enable NPR One,” and you’ll be prompted to your Alexa app, where you can link your NPR One account.

You can also search for NPR One in the Alexa app’s skill store.

Syncing with an NPR One account
If you already have an NPR One account, you can log in. Your preferences will come with you: If you’ve skipped a piece on the NPR One app, you will not hear it on Alexa. If you follow a podcast via NPR One, episodes that are new to you will appear at the top of the flow.

If you have not registered with NPR One, you will need to do so through the standard NPR account registration process, using email, Facebook or Google. NPR and Amazon will be working to streamline this process further.

Using NPR One
Once a user has enabled the NPR One skill, here are the main functions.


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In addition, you can use Alexa to ask NPR One to rewind or fast-forward, skip a story, mark it as interesting or get more details.