Attendees of the second Bobcat Unity Walk gathering in front of Alden Library.

Bobcat Unity Walk at OU

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Students and faculty marched around the Ohio University campus Tuesday afternoon in a show of unity.

The attendees of the second annual Bobcat Unity Walk gathered in front of Alden Library under the motto: “Where there is unity, there is always victory.”

Ohio University’s International Student Union (ISU) organized the walk in an effort to celebrate the unity in Bobcat diversity.

ISU President Hashim Pashtun.
ISU President Hashim Pashtun.

“The motto of ISU itself is the goal: Many nations one family and by saying nations I include the United States of America also. We see different nations, many genders, but we are one family, one bobcat family, one Athens family,” ISU-President Hashim Pashtun said. “This was the main purpose that ISU took lead, stay committed. I think that you can see that people from different countries, different gender and identities got together and focused on the issues of diversity.”

Originally the walk was scheduled for February 16, but was cancelled when the campus shut down after a city water main break.

But on Tuesday, water could not stop the Unity Walk. Walkers braved the wind and rain as they walked around campus before ending at Baker Center.

Attendees of the walk protesting for diversity.

Inside, international and American students shared their experiences about looking different and how they perceive the changes in the US foreign policy.

One of them was American student Cindy Vo. Her parents emigrated from Vietnam to the United States before she was born.

Vo told the audience about her experiences on campus because of her Asian appearance.

“It’s important for people to understand that somebody being different from you doesn’t mean that that’s something that’s wrong. Diversity is a really big thing. Especially as college student and when you are entering the workforce,” Vo said.

OU student Cindy Vo.

“And you have to realize that you are facing a lot of different people and being comfortable with that is something that determines whether you are successful or not.”

Organizers say the walk is a clear demonstration that in good times OU’s international community celebrate together and in hard times they stand together.