Spring Senior Dance Concert April 12-13

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Ohio University Dance Division in the School of Dance, Film, and Theatre presents its annual Spring Senior Dance Concert, the culminating project for BFA dance majors. Thirteen seniors will employ their unique perspectives in their newly created choreographic works to be presented in the Shirley Wimmer Dance Theatre located in Putnam Hall at Ohio University. Performances take place on Wednesday, April 12 and Thursday, April 13 at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. each evening. Tickets are $8 general admission and free to students with a valid OU ID.

Bare is a group work choreographed by Trezon Dancy. Bare guides it’s audience through a self identifying journey. Connecting human obstacles and human experience through the common object of clothing. With eight dancers, Bare identifies and bring to light the common struggle of life within its community.

Hesitant//Ambition, a solo work performed by Kristyn Lein, explores personal insecurities of new situations through gesture. These gestures expand into movements that represent growth, vulnerability, and fulfillment accompanied by the picturesque sounds of a string ensemble.

untitled for 2, choreographed and performed by Azaree Whitehead in collaboration with Ohio University Studio Art Major Alexandra Violet, explores the visual and kinesthetic response to touch. This site-specific work serves as a prologue to the concert that blends and experiments with two mediums of art and invites viewers to have a spontaneous and insider’s look at the innovative and intimate collaboration between paint and dance.

In i c t r i c u, Corrinne Bailey experiments with a changing score utilizing commands to direct dancers in live performance. The interruption of movement is reflected in the sound as the performers freely manipulate radio stations throughout the work. Every performance will differ slightly from the last, giving each audience an unique experience.

Stephanie Lamoreau’s solo work, safe space, draws movement from blindfolded rehearsal processes. The floor creates a place of security, while the sense of touch is explored to the sounds of Paul Richard’s Stem Cell, for 7 Clarinets.

DOGged explores the many personalities of dogs within their mentality during ‘play-time.’ Sydney B. Sanders collaborated with six dancers, taking movement inspiration from the propulsion of tennis balls. The energy of movement manifests into an active environment for individual personas to evolve and interact within a group.

Matthew J Keller explores the personal and communal sensations of a Pentecostal upbringing in Glossolalia. Keller questions how a chaotic spiritual past informs his present nontheistic spirituality.