OU’s Division of Dance Presents the 2016 Fall Senior Dance Concert

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Ohio University Division of Dance in the School of Dance, Film, and Theatre presents its annual Fall Senior Dance Concert, the culminating project for BFA dance majors. This fall, thirteen seniors employ their unique perspectives in their newly created choreographic works to be presented on Nov. 17, Nov. 18, Nov. 19th at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. each evening in the Shirley Wimmer Dance Theatre located in Putnam Hall at Ohio University. Tickets are $8 for general admission and free to students with a valid OU ID.

The following statements are only a few samples of choreographic visions that are being presented in each evening’s concerts.

Love You, Possess Me, choreographed and performed by Olivia Rachael Cancelli, physically manifests the emotional unrest mental illness evokes in the body.  A haunting accompaniment by cellist Julia Kent forms an atmosphere for corporeally exploring such disorderly thought and emotions.

Chasing Other Nights, a solo developed and choreographed and performed by Matthew Keller, enters the space between life and death by calling the body’s spirit, finding solace, and a new form of existence.

Open Air is a self-choreographed and performed solo by Sydney Sanders that draws inspiration from Vincent van Gogh’s Almond Blossom. The exploration between human life and earth manifested from embodied experience with the physical body being similar to the structure of a tree. In this work, the body is one with earth and is representative of the tree of life, always blossoming and growing.

Azaree Whitehead’s 4th Wall: Part 1, an engaging and interactive experience, asks the audience to view the performance from multiple perspectives. The fourth wall is broken down, thus both populations coexist as one. Together they create an atmosphere of spontaneity and curiosity meant to be shared by all.

Stephanie Lamoreau’s group piece, Cecelia, draws from her grandmother’s impact on the family with her fight against Alzheimer’s. The group of five dancers get swept away and move together through the sounds of Jose Gonzalez’s Instrumental.

Madison Ferman’s solo, From Me, To You, delves into the importance of her relationship with her sister, Savannah McKee. The score is a poem written and spoken by Savannah, explaining Madison’s importance and Savannah’s support in Madison’s exciting journey.

Corrinne Bailey re-imagines a formal jazz concert in her solo piece, Conductress by exploiting the movement patterns of a conductor. Bailey and the collaborating live musicians work together to take the movement far beyond the rostrum.