Student Dance Group Presents Annual Concert this Weekend

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The Movement Organization, a student dance group at Ohio University, will present its annual concert this Thursday, Oct.1 and Friday, Oct. 2 at 7:30 p.m. in Putnam Hall’s Shirley Wimmer Dance Theater.

The Movement Concert features choreography by student members of the organization and includes 10 unique dance pieces ranging in style and technique.

John Bohuslawsky designed the lighting for the concert and Hayley Ross serves as stage manager for the production.

Encaptured in the Presence of…, choreographed by Kristyn Lein, is about the struggle of being so blinded or enraptured by something that it affects anything and everything in one’s life. The piece explores the feeling of being stopped in time while everything else keeps moving. 

Harnessing the playfulness and joyful qualities of young sisters, Big Much, choreographed by Sydney Sanders, is a representation of the relationship and bond that young siblings have. The piece takes the audience into the life of children living life wholeheartedly. 

Remind Me, choreographed by Lily Gelfand, is a duet centered around the concept of memory. It is based on the (sometimes frustrating) feelings we have when we can’t remember something, whether it is trying to remember someone’s name, a birthday, or a question on an exam. 

Corrinne Bailey’s piece Crinkle is about rheumatoid arthritis. It focuses on the struggle of mind over body, and not allowing the disease to take control. 

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This Is Where We Are, choreographed by Lexie Lombardi, was created in dedication to Lombardi’s mother and Matthew. The piece, focused on overcoming personal struggles, is set to “This Moment,” produced by Jimmy Evans.

Awaiting Helios, choreographed by Ben Roach, is inspired by the developmental progression of ferns under a condensed time span. Four dancers personify various components for plant life, including minerals, water and sunlight. 

Arbitrary Direction, choreographed by Azaree Whitehead, explores the juxtaposition between systematic and adventitious movement. Whitehead used the contingency of the sound as inspiration for the trio, allowing the obscure noises to inform and guide her choreography.

Trezon Dancy’s duet, At Ease, is a love story to be reckoned with, playing on the attributes of staying together while being far apart. The piece persuades its audience to look back at their own love story and make a memory.

The Withering of Angles, choreographed by Katarina Hanifan, is inspired by angles and the many shapes they can make. The piece exhibits the ways in which bodies move through angles and lines alike.

Caroline Ciferno’s piece, For Your Nerve, takes the audience on a journey similar to the sacred journey we embark on in life–bewilderingly complex yet seemingly simple all at once.

The Movement is an organization for Ohio University students interested in the performance of dance, and other presentations of dance and artistic collaborations involving movement. A primary aim of the organization is the promotion of dance as a thriving art in both the University and the Athens community. For more information and upcoming events visit or contact President Grace Nicklos at