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Giving Kindness Changed Her Troubled Life Says Author Nicole J. Phillips

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Nicole J. Phillips once had a personal life in turmoil until she discovered the gift of giving kindness to others and to herself.
Outwardly, she appeared to have it all: a prominent and loving husband, three beautiful children, and a job as a television news anchor. It was a life that most people would only dream about and fight to get. Yet, Nicole was “miserable.”
She was depressed and engaged in self-destructive behaviors that drew her away from her marriage and her family. In addition, she carried resentments from her tortured childhood and “venom” towards her mom who Nicole thought abandoned her as a child.
However, one day about seven years ago, Nicole committed a random act of kindness towards another young woman and felt an exhilaration that she had never experienced before. She wanted to replicate that feeling and knew that if she could, it would change her life.
Nicole started performing other acts of kindness and began writing a weekly syndicated newspaper column about “kindness.” She began using the concept of kindness to repair relationships in her life. It helped her harness her depression, reconcile with her mother, lose weight and eliminate other unhealthy choices.
The concept of “kindness” was so powerful that she decided to write a book – telling stories of kindness called “Kindness is Contagious: 100 Stories to Remind You God is Good and So are Most People.”
Then in 2015, Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer. Undeterred through her surgeries and many treatments, Nicole says she used “kindness as chemotherapy.” She practiced giving kindness to others and as she did, she felt that she removed herself from the dark clouds of cancer hanging over her.
Now, she is an unflinching “advocate for kindness.” She is trying to spread its joy and its healing powers to others through her columns, her blogs, her speeches and her book.
Nicole is truly a woman on a mission.