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Beware and Be Careful: We All Have Digital Vulnerabilities Online

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In this technological age, we all have major online vulnerabilities and each of us is easily “digitally documented,” according to author, consultant and public relations specialist John Paul David.
The average person, says David, is seen on surveillance cameras an average of 75 times per day.
All of this leads to online searches for potential job applicants, people seeking promotions, loan applicants, businesses and many other situations.
He not only cautions everyone but especially young people starting careers to be extra careful of their digital footprint and to routinely check their own search results for negative and damaging entries.
David also has developed a checklist for people to follow to be extra cautious.
David has been a strategic communication specialist and marketing professional for the past 25 years. One of his specialties is counteracting negative online information and reputation management.
In October 2016, David became a first-time author writing, “How to Protect (Or Destroy) Your Reputation Online: The Essential Guide to Avoid Digital Damage, Lock Down Your Brand, and Defend Your Business.”
He also writes an award-winning blog and regularly contributes to the Huffington Post.
He is a graduate of the University of Florida.