Columbus-based act Swarming Branch will be performing at the Nelsonville Music Festival on Friday, June 2 at 3 p.m. on the Porch Stage. (

Swarming Branch Headed Back to Nelsonville Music Festival

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Andrew Graham has been making music since his late childhood – forming his first band when he was in the fifth grade with a couple of his friends. Although much has changed over the course of the many years that have unfolded since – one of the musicians from that original outfit is now the drummer in Graham’s most current project, Swarming Branch.

Based out of Columbus, OH, Swarming Branch’s sound ranges from neatly synthesized pop reminiscent of Paul Simon’s more playful work (especially on their latest effort, Surreal Number, released May 26,) to psychedelic folk gems accompanied by whinnying vocals.

“On (Surreal Number), a lot of the instruments were recorded live, and it’s really a culmination of a lot of things that we’ve tried to do with sound over the last three records,” said Graham. “We tried to use some more synthesized tones for the keyboard itself, and mostly played upright piano on a lot of the tracks and cut out the fuzz on the guitar.”

Last year Swarming Branch performed for the first time at the Nelsonville Music Festival.

“I don’t typically go to events where I see more than three bands in a day,” said Graham. “It’s just not something I do – but I was delighted by the festival. Everything is so well put together – and not just for the performers, but the audience in general.”

Swarming Branch will be returning to the Nelsonville Music Festival this year, performing on Friday, June 2 at 3 p.m. on the Porch Stage. Tickets are available now.