Breast Cancer Survivors Unite for Race

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One of many survivors eager to start the race.


The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure was held at Peden Stadium on Sunday, Oct. 15, giving a chance for survivors to connect with friends and family to spread awareness for this disease. On the dreary Sunday morning there was an explosion of pink: pink hair, pink tutus, pink shirts.  In that sea of pink, people smiled, cheered and danced.

This was the third annual event held in Athens. However, there were plenty of first-time participants.

A sign proclaiming “Jean’s Bosom Buddies” caught participant’s attention. The group was new to the race and this was their first time walking for Race for the Cure. They surround Jean Scott, a mom who diagnosed with breast cancer.

For Scott, this event is very important to her.

“I’ve actually haven’t been out of the house for much time because of my low immunity system,” she said. “My friends and my kids and soccer kids and the soccer community called and they said they wanted to come do this for me, so I’m incredibly touched by this today.” 

One in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point in her life. It can sometimes be an isolating experience for the person going through it. The Race for the Cure hopes to combat these feelings of loneliness. 

I’m meeting people that are survivors that I was not aware that they were survivors and that’s the really neat thing because when you are going through the treatments and when you are in the thick of it you feel very alone and very isolated from other people,” she said. “And when you come out to events or through Susan G. Komen events and you see other survivors, it gives you hope and you realize you are not alone in this.”

Pink People
A group of women in pink circle around for a picture.

Not only does she have support from fellow survivors, but from her Bosom Buddies as well. The team was started by one of Scott’s friends, Lindsay Schaler. The team is made up of eleven people all here for one purpose, to support Scott. 

“But it’s really festive and it’s a celebration of these wonderful women; and their battles and the fact that so many of them come out victorious and celebrating those who have been lost just celebrating their lives and it’s really upbeat,” she said.

Jean and her Bosom Buddies finished the race strong, crossing the finish line together, with a cheering crowd waiting for them.

Athens Race for the Cure raised over $25,000 and 75 percent of that will remain in the Athens community to help fund programs for screening, diagnosis and treatment services. To donate to Susan G. Komen for Athens click here.



Jean Scott
Jean Scott and her Bosom Buddies cheer Jean on.