West Virginia Education Board Proposes Grade, Course Changes

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) – Course grading scales in West Virginia public schools would get tweaked and graduation credit requirements would get reduced under changes proposed by the state Board of Education.

The board voted Wednesday to put the proposals up for public comment.

The board’s proposal would change the minimum for an “A” grade to at least a 90, down from the current 93. A “B” grade would go from 85-92 to 80-89, a “C” from 75-84 to 70-79, a “D” from 65-74 to 60-69, and an “F” from 64 or below to 59.

The board also voted to drop the required credits for high school graduation from 24 to 21, reduce required social studies high school credits from four to three and eliminate requirements for two student-chosen elective classes.