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Episode 016 : “Educators Should Create Change” w/ David Goldberg

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It’s time for university leaders to get serious about changing the way they teach students, says higher education thought leader Dave Goldberg, in this episode. Expertise doesn’t matter so much anymore, he says. The way to go is to be “more deeply human.”

Dave says it’s time to change higher education from the inside out. He says that, in preparing students for their careers, educators should help students shift their focus away from obedience to authority, and, instead, guide them towards the development of human values.

The change in the teaching of students should resemble the way that the job of leadership is changing, Dave says. Both students and leaders need what he calls “shift skills,” like awareness, and listening, and being able to notice your own emotions.

For many years, Dave was a widely published and highly regarded traditional academic leader. In 2010, after going through a series of executive coaching sessions, he decided to resign his tenure and professorship at the University of Illinois, and work full time for the transformation of engineering education.

Today Dave is a leadership coach, a change management consultant, and the leader of a change movement. He works with individuals and educational organizations around the world to collaboratively disrupt the status quo. In 2014, Dave co-authored the book A Whole New Engineer: The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education, which seeks to bring emotional and cultural transformation to higher education around the world.