New Culinary Studio Cooking Show in Jefferson Marketplace

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Looking for ways to create quick, easy and delicious meals? The Culinary Studio in Jefferson Marketplace has you covered.

Ohio University’s Jefferson Marketplace is located on the ground floor of the newly renovated Jefferson residence hall. With the new building comes the Culinary Studio.

This studio uses state-of-the art video equipment to produce a live broadcast cooking show in partnership with the Scripps College of Communication, WOUB and the Patton College of Education. The show teaches cooking techniques through a live demonstration and afterwards, audience members are able to sample the food.

Chef Emily creating her favorite holiday pasta dish

Whether you watch in the live audience or catch the show later online, you can learn skills to create meals that are filling and don’t require a lot of time or a lot of ingredients.

Emily Chaparro is a chef for the cooking show and says that the show’s main audience is students who live in dorms.

“We like to do microwave things and cooking in mug and things geared toward our student body so that they can partake of what it means to cook again even though they live in dorms,” Chef Chaparro says.

During holiday seasons, the show features meals that give viewers the ingredients and steps needed to create popular home-cooked style traditional dishes that you might find during the holiday.

“We try and do holiday things for the holidays. Pumpkin things for Halloween and Thanksgiving, we try and see the trends when it comes to choosing what we make on the show,” Chef Chaparro says.

For students like Bianca Long, who lives too far to travel home for every holiday, this cooking show is useful.

“It’s a little challenging at times, a lot of people get to go home to nice home-cooked meals but luckily when I was growing up, my parents taught me how to cook, they taught me how to make a whole lot of things. But I’m definitely interested in the cooking show, I’m always open to new ideas and learning new cheap recipes to make,” Long says.

Although Long has some experience cooking and making meals, many other students may not. Katie Gallanis is a senior at Ohio University and wishes that the cooking show had been available when she still lived in the dorms.

“I was super unhealthy my freshman and sophomore year so I skipped meals a lot just cause it was hard to make meals, it was a lot of easy mac and things like that… Popcorn was a huge staple in my diet, so this (cooking show) would have been really nice,” Gallanis says.

Aside from the Culinary Studios, with the new renovations the Marketplace has also added food venues including Brick City Deli, The Ohio Café, Steeped and Stirred, Juiced, Veggie Butcher and the Grocery Market.

As for the cooking show, it goes live every Thursday and Friday. Attending the show is free and reserving a spot can be done on the Culinary Studio website. The meal of the day is posted in advance on the calendar so that audience members know what’s being made before they come to watch the show.