A Federal Shutdown’s Impact On Southeast Ohio

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Very few effects, if any, are expected in Southeast Ohio if the federal government experiences a shutdown because negotiations stall in Congress.

While there are 50,000 federal employees in Ohio only those considered “non-essential personnel” could be furloughed.  “Essential” workers would remain on the job – but some wouldn’t get paid. Federal judges, Mail carriers, military personnel, air traffic controllers, and TSA agents are among those who would still be expected to report to work. Medicare and social security payments would still be distributed.

The non-essential services that could be disrupted include the processing of passports and paperwork through the IRS, VA, or Federal Housing Administration. While the Department of Interior plans to provide “limited access” to national parks, operations at Ohio’s national parks and monuments could be restricted.

If this shutdown does happen, it’ll be the nation’s 19th since 1976. The most recent partial shutdown was in 2013.

Bipartisan legislation has been introduced to provide back pay to federal workers affected. Lawmakers will still have to report to work and will not experience any disruptions with their paychecks.