Higher Scorer Cassie Bentley Leads Vinton County Over Meigs

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It was a battle between top scorers on Monday at Vinton County.

Kassidy Betzing and Cassie Bentley went head to head to try and get the win for their teams.

Kassidy Betzing totaled a double-double with 13 points and 12 rebounds and almost did all of her work in the first half when she had 9 points and 8 rebounds.

Cassie Bentley fired right back leading all scorers with 27 points and 6 rebounds.

This led her to team to a hard fought 52-46 victory over the Meigs Lady Marauders.

The Lady Marauders took the top seeded Lady Vikings all the way to the wire. They had a 10 point lead at the half and a two point lead at the end of three but simply couldn’t hang on in the fourth as they committed 13 total turnovers and the Vinton county girls crashed the offensive boards on free throws allowing for possessions to continue.

The Lady Vikings then cashed in with second chance points in result of their hard work on the glass.

Vinton county congested the paint making it extremely hard for the Lady Marauders to make their presence known on the interior.

On the other hand, the Meigs squad played tough defense but the Lady Vikings just muscled their way to fouls or baskets, using their size to their advantage against a shorter Meigs team.

The Lady Marauders lost their size in the paint when Devin Humphries went down in the third quarter with an apparent knee injury and was sidelined for the remainder of the second half.

Meigs will play their next two games against top teams, Alexander and Nelsonville York, but this solid game against the Lady Vikings gives them something to strive for and even a chip on their shoulder for the rest of the week.