Bench Play Helps Trimble Roll Past Wahama

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Randy Hixson from Trimble put up a buzzer beating three to end the first quarter against the Wahama White Falcons Monday evening.

However, Randy did not start the game as he normally does and ended up playing a total of 15 minutes of the whole game and scoring a total of nine points. This is a low as he averages a total of roughly 24 points a game.

Alongside him on the bench was fellow teammate and starter Brandon Weber who ended up hurting his ankle in a previous game.  Bryce Richards stepped up and took his place with two three-pointers and four rebounds.

With Hixson and Weber sitting the bench it opened up the court for new players to be seen.  Sam Ives was one of the players who was able to play tonight, and he ended up being the only scorer among the new players.

Even with all the young players, Wahama was still unable to shake the Trimble defense and were only able to average nine points per quarter.

Nonetheless, the White Falcons persisted and never allowed Trimble to gain a substantial amount of points over them.

Every time Trimble would score, Wahama would answer back with points of their own. In the 3rd quarter the tables flipped.

Wahama’s Jacob Worth scored a field goal and Max Hooper responded with a field goal of his own not even 30 seconds after to end the third.

The Trimble offense began to waste time as they procrastinate plays for as long as possible to insure Wahama did not gain possession of the ball. In the last minute and a half of the game Trimble replaced all active players for the younger players who were sitting the bench.

Trimble ended up dominating Wahama with a score of 54-37 and will be keeping the victory in sight as they will be hosting Wellston February 3.