City Will Host Open House for Underpass Project

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The City of Athens will host an open house to display its plans for an underpass on Richland Avenue later this month.

According to a post on the city’s website, the open house will be on February 20th, from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m in the Grover Center Atrium on Richland Avenue.

The Athens City Council last discussed the project late last year. City officials hope the open house will bring the project one step closer to completion.

“I look forward to seeing the connectivity improve between those two points on campus,” Peter Kotses, an at-large member of the Athens City Council, said.

Citizens are welcome to attend the open house, complete a comment form, and speak to individuals responsible for the project.

The underpass, officially called the Richland Avenue Pedestrian Passageway Project, will be an improvement to the crosswalk between West Green Drive and Bobcat Lane. The project includes a pass-way underneath the street that will help alleviate pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The pass-way will also improve pedestrian safety.

“You can still have just a couple of people walk through [Richland Avenue] and they’ll slow half-a-dozen cars up at a time,” Kotses said.

The existing crosswalk is heavily trafficked. According to 2015, the crosswalk sees 6615 pedestrians a day, with 584 pedestrians during peak hour. Richland Avenue also services a third of the city’s drivers.

Citizens are encouraged to email for any comments or questions if they are not able to attend the open house.