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With so much talent in both the TVC- Ohio and Hocking conferences, Athens County is the place to be on a Friday night. Our Gridiron Glory crew had the pleasure of traveling to three matchups this Friday in the local area.


Federal Hocking vs Trimble

The Tomcats (7-1) continued their reign in the TVC- Hocking, shutting out the Federal Hocking (0-7) Lancers 67- 0.

Trimble’s Max Hooper set the tone for the team’s offense early in the first quarter. On the first drive, Hooper had an electrifying run. The senior cut to the outside and juked out a defender just inside the 20 yard line to make his way to the end zone for Trimble’s first score of the night.

His next touchdown came only two minutes later on an almost identical play, relying solely on his speed and going untouched.

After a touchdown run by Conner Wright and a 69-yard catch by Zack Nagucki, the Tomcats were up 27 to nothing with 3:50 left in the first quarter. By halftime Trimble had already sealed the game with a 61-point lead. The Tomcats had nothing left to do but kill time as they only scored one time in the second half .

For the fifth time this season, the Tomcats left their opponent scoreless and they now remain undefeated in the TVC- Hocking.


 Alexander vs Nelsonville York

 Over in Nelsonville, the Buckeyes (4-4, 4-0) took care of business against the Alexander Spartans (4-4, 2-3) in a 35-11 victory.

Running back Keegan Wilburn put on an outstanding performance for the Buckeyes. Wilburn’s speed and toughness kept the Buckeyes on top throughout the matchup.

Quarterback Mikey Seel also made a significant contribution on both ends. His biggest play, however, came on defense when he made a spectacular interception. His takeaway stopped what little momentum the Spartans had going for them at the time.

The Buckeyes have now won their last three games and are continuing to make strides for a TVC- Ohio crown.


Wellston vs Athens

The last matchup of our triple-header came right in the heart of Athens with the Bulldogs (7-1, 4-0) beating the Wellston Golden Rockets (3-5, 2-2) 39-14 .

Evan Adams put together an impressive stat-line for himself and the Bulldogs, compiling 11 rushing attempts for 82 yards and two touchdowns.

Quarterback Clay Davis wasn’t too shabby either. Davis showed some versatility as he ran for two touchdowns and threw a bomb to Nate Trainer for a 43-yard touchdown early in the 4th quarter.

At this point in the season, every game for the Bulldogs counts. Despite their record, a playoff appearance by Athens is not guaranteed.

The two TVC-Ohio matchups have major championship implications. A conference title for Athens enhances their chances of making the playoffs, but it’s very likely that the Bulldogs will have to go through Nelsonville York to get there.