New video board installed at Ohio University’s Convocation Center

Convo’s New Video Board Brings Zing

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ATHENS, Ohio – After 50 years, the Convocation Center has added more excitement back into home games. The video board, funded by intercollegiate athletics, is expected to increase the intensity and overall experience for fans, athletes and even the broadcasters.

“The new center-hung will provide fans with live game video, statistics, and interactive content to help elevate the game-day environment,” said Jim Schaus, Director of Athletics.

Ohio University is one of the last schools in the MAC to transition from the two side video boards to a center-hung video board. Ohio Athletic Department‘s, Jason Chiappino, said they were thrilled to add the technology to the Convocation Center. The 13,000 seater is home to Ohio Bobcats Volleyball, Basketball and Wrestling teams and is already drawing more fans.  

“I think it’s a game changer from the standpoint of in-arena experience for the fans,” Russ Eisenstein, the voice of the Ohio Bobcats said. “I think if the fans get loud and the fans are having a good time, residually that will translate into the radio broadcast and then to the fans listening wherever they are.”

Working with the four-sided video board is no easy assignment for Gracie Huffman, the Video Board Production Specialist. To the fans, it’s an interactive, lively experience that lets them get more involved with the games. For Huffman, the job is a little more intricate.

“We have to prepare all of the graphics that we put on the board,” she said. “They all have a purpose, we have celebratory graphics for when we score a point, crowd prompts, sponsor graphics. And obviously, it’s not the same every game.”

The $2 million center-hung video board has already been in use since the start of the fall semester in Athens. Officials with the Athletic Department say they’re hopeful it will bring more life into the Convocation Center.