SATB Choir To Perform Sunday December 16th

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The SATB Choir is a different kind of choir. Their mission is to “Create powerful and inspiring music in partner with social justice organizations to bring support and awareness to their causes.”
Directed by Metra Peterson and founded by Metra Peterson and Nellie Werger in 2010, SATB choir performs twice a year teaming up with a charitable cause to help raise funds and awareness for each cause.

SATB Choir customizes their music selections to fit the chosen cause and the choir even changes the meaning of their acronym to represent it. Sunday December 16th S.A.T.B. will not only stand for Soprano Alto Tenor Bass, but also Soaring Above Troubles Beneath. They will perform at Arts West in Athens Ohio and dedicate their performance to Athens HOPE, an organization which aims to fight the opioid epidemic in the Athens area.

Petersen, Werger and a few other members of SATB stopped by Studio B for a conversation (and even a song) with WOUB’s Robin Barnes. Hear them describe what drove them to create the group, how they each got involved in music, how they choose their charity, and perhaps how you can add your voice to their choir.