Fourth Quarter Adjustments Push Eastern Past Trimble

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The Lady Eagles were struggling to get flying the past two games, but on Thursday night they took off to break their two-game losing streak. After a back-and-forth game in Reedsville, the Eastern Lady Eagles were firing on all cylinders in the fourth quarter to get the victory 53-43 over the Trimble Lady Tomcats.

Eastern’s defense combined for 16 steals on the night. The Lady Eagles’ defense is where their game starts. In their past two games they struggled on the defensive end and Eastern’s head coach Jacob Parker said, “There were moments in the game where we brought a lot of defensive pressure, able to get some steals, force some turnovers, and that lead to great offense. Where on Monday we didn’t have the greatest defensive pressure, and let them dictate the pace of the game. I really think those two factors helped us win the game this evening.”

The Lady Tomcats’ didn’t make it an easy game for Eastern. At the end of the half and the third quarter the Tomcats were up by one going into fourth. Laikyn Imler and Jayne Six lead scoring with 14 points each, and Emily Young followed close behind with 10 points.

Offensive rebounds came easy for Trimble in the first three quarters. The Tomcats’ had eight offensive rebounds in those quarters. Parker was upset with his team threatening to sub all five players out of the game if they allowed another offensive rebound in the fourth. “As a coach you don’t like resulting to fear tactics, but it worked. We didn’t give up a single offensive rebound, and we went on a run and won the game” Parker said.

Eastern would go on to outscore Trimble 24-13 in the fourth quarter.

“That quarter we played some of the best basketball all year. If we come and play the way we did in that fourth quarter, it’ll be a fun ride for the rest of the year” Parker said.

Trimble looks to bounce back from this loss on Monday, Jan. 28 against Southern. The Eastern Lady Eagles look to keep the momentum going on Saturday against Fairland.