Eastern Ends Season Against Notre Dame

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A 3-pointer by Notre Dame’s Isabel Cassidy was all the Lady Titans needed to pull ahead in the showdown between the Eastern Lady Eagles and Notre Dame Lady Titans at Jackson High School on Thursday night.

Once Notre Dame had the lead, they kept it out of arm’s reach of Eastern the remainder of the game. The Lady Titans took advantage of the height they had over the Lady Eagles and used it to knock away layups and deny the Lady Eagles any chance to close the gap in the score.  Ultimately, the Lady Eagles fell to the Lady Titans 48-38.

“We played a great game, they were picked to win, and I believe we gave them all they wanted,” said Eastern coach Jacob Parker.

In the first half the Lady Eagles fought hard, but couldn’t keep up with Notre Dame’s speed and output. The Lady Eagles were playing quickly – almost too quickly – moving so fast on their feet that they missed several shots that could have been made.

Eastern tried to match pace with Notre Dame, but it cost them in the long run. The Lady Titans went on an 11-0 run to start off the third quarter, while Eastern struggled to pull the offense together.

“At the end of the day, had we hit a few more shots. It could’ve been a whole different ball game,” coach Parker said. “But that’s basketball.”

Scoring big Thursday for the Lady Titans were Katie Dettwiler, with 15 points, and Ava Hassel, who added 10 of her own. The top scorer for Eastern was Alysa Bailey, who scored half of the Lady Eagles points with 19. Other significant contributions came from Jess Parker with 10, and Kehnedi Rockhold with six.

Despite the loss, Parker is proud of his team and optimistic for the squad next year.

“The biggest thing I wanted to show our seniors is the success they’ve had,” Parker said. “That’s a hard thing to do, and they will look back at what they’ve done and be so proud of what they’ve done.”