Ohio Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Stop Redrawing of Congress Map

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – The Ohio Attorney general as expected has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to stop the redrawing of a new congressional district map until the court can rule late next month on other states’ partisan gerrymandering cases.

A federal three-judge panel in Cincinnati refused Thursday to grant Ohio a stay on its May 3 order that Ohio’s congressional map illegally favors Republicans over Democrats. The panel ordered Ohio to draw a new map by June 14.

Attorney General Dave Yost in Friday’s filing notes the Supreme Court could overturn the panel’s decision on appeal or send it back for a further ruling. Yost also wrote that a new map wouldn’t have to be drawn for the 2020 election until Sept. 19.

Twelve of Ohio’s 16 congressional districts are held by Republicans.