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Live Weather Storytelling is the Domain of Weather Group’s Angela Massie

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As storms, tornadoes and flooding ravage the Midwest and The Plains and as a new and scary hurricane season approaches, more and more people rely on The Weather Channel and the Weather Group to provide them live coverage of major weather events.
We count on up-to-the-minute, live weather storytelling to keep us abreast of the latest developments and whether we, or our friends and relatives, are in harm’s way.
Most of us who watch the Weather Channel during times of live weather coverage rely on a woman we never see on camera and don’t know – Angela Massie. She is the vice president of live storytelling at The Weather Channel in Atlanta and coordinates the network’s live coverage across the nation during times of weather peril.
She determines what mandates live coverage and how assets and talent are distributed to bring the best and broadest form of coverage.
She came to the Weather Channel in 2014 as an executive producer and then became a senior executive producer before being promoted to vice president.
Currently, the Weather Channel serves about 81 million American households every day and that number spikes higher during times of weather catastrophes.
Massie traces her career path for this week’s Spectrum Podcast. She talks about how difficult it is to produce “LIVE” programming or news or weather events. She has had extensive experience in producing all types of live television.
Before coming to the Weather Channel, Massie rose through the producing ranks at CNN Worldwide Headquarters in Atlanta. She gave us live programming on “CNN Newsroom,” “Live from…” and “Rick’s List.” She also was the executive producer of CNN Headline News’ “Evening Express.”
For CNN, she produced live coverage of: the last space shuttle launch, the royal wedding of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, and the funeral of Pope John Paul II.
Massie has already won the Dupont and Peabody broadcasting awards and has been nominated for a national Emmy for coverage of Hurricane Harvey.