Molly Burch II Gladden House Sessions 2019

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Molly Burch graced the Gladden House Session on Thursday, June 6th with her soothing and introspective pop sounds, threading together her love of folk, jazz, and Brill Building-era pop singers.

At the urging of her sister, Burch studied Jazz Vocal Performance at the University of North Carolina, leading her on a musical journey that would yield her debut album “Please Be Mine” in 2017. Her sophomore album “First Flower” was the product of her partnership with boyfriend/bandmate, Dailey Toliver, who collaborated on the project while the two were stuck indoors during a hurricane. Her live performances have received acclaim for her delicate and nuanced vocal style and insightful songwriting.

Burch was the first session at the Gladden House and drew together a faithful cadre of fans. Joining her for this performance were Toliver and guitarist Luke Norton. The trio performed three songs from “First Flower,” kicking off with the album’s dreamy, playful eponymous track, followed by the anxiety-informed “Candy,” and finishing with the effervescent “Wild.”