Sneakthief II Radio A Sessions

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Hopped up folk punk rockers Sneakthief performed three songs in WOUB’s Radio A; two of them from their delectably frantic 2019 self-titled debut EP: “Fallacy” and “Choke Me Out,” as well as one unreleased track, “Shower.”

Taking inspiration from their folk punk forefathers, The Front Bottoms (and maybe a little from the Violent Femmes, Can Kickers, Days N’ Daze, and even a smidgen of Relient K,) Sneakthief seethes with twitchy nervous energy; confronted with existential angst and the ever-multiplying woes of the modern age, our heroes are only armed with an acoustic guitar, a drum set, and a knack for making short, catchy songs.

0:01 – “Fallacy”
2:22 – “Choke Me Out”
5:18 – “Shower”

Daniel Palmer – Guitar/vocals
Joe Fradette – Drums

Producers: Emily Votaw, Adam Rich, Josh Miller
Audio Engineer: Adam Rich
Videographer: Josh Miller
Video editing: Evan Shaw and Josh Miller
Special thanks to Evan Shaw for use of his equipment

If you are a musical act interested in appearing on WOUB’s Radio A Sessions, email Emily Votaw at or call her at 740-593-1492.