VIDEO: Reporting from the 2019 Mothman Festival

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WOUB’s Emily Votaw reports from the 2019 Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, WV, which took place September 21-22, 2019.

The festival celebrates the unique history of Point Pleasant, WV, which was terrorized by a mysterious creature known as “the mothman” 1966 to 1967, the sightings of which culminated with the tragic collapse of the Silver Bridge on December 15, 1967. The festival has been taking place since 2002, and draws thousands of people to the small river town for a weekend of regional arts and crafts, local food, and a gathering of paranormal investigators.

In addition to checking out the general atmosphere and shopping at the festival, Emily spoke to Haunted Hocking author Jannette Quakenbush, “Hellier” producer and paranormal investigator Greg Newkirk, and Small Town Monsters creator and director Seth Breedlove about the festival and their various projects that seek to chronicle and understand phenomena not explained by mainstream science.

Emily Votaw and videographer Ruthie Herman were also invited back to the “flyover site” for the beloved annual Mothman Festival hayrides by paranormal investigators John and Timothy Frick. The Fricks have created a full-sized Mothman replica to fly over those who choose to take the hayrides through Point Pleasant’s McClintic Wildlife Management Area, also known as the “TNT Area,” where the Mothman has often been sighted.

Video by: Ruthie Herman
Video editing by: Ruthie Herman
Animation by: Ruthie Herman
Audio by: Emily Votaw

Special thanks to John and Timothy Frick.