Unofficial election results for Belmont County

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Here are the unofficial election results for Belmont county

In the city of Martin Ferry,  John R. Davis won against Robert T. Kranjnyak  for mayor with 548 votes.

In the city of St. Clairsville, Kathryn Thalman won for mayor against William Lewis Brooks, Terry Pugh with 618 votes,  and Beth Ann Oprisch won for council against Perry Jones, Linda Jordan, Mark Poindexter, Michael Smith with 883.

In the Village of Bellaire Jerry L. Fisher won for Village council with 185, for there local school district Bill Marinelli  won for school board against Mike Wallace and Charles Jason Ayers with 628.

In the Village of  Bethesda Samantha M. Burkhead won for mayor against Jordan L. Castello, and Linda Reeves with 133.

In the Village of Flushing Carl Thomas Bober Jr. won for Village council against Preston Eberhart, and Robert Eberhart Jr.with 128, the roads and bridges levy failed by 49 votes,  the fire renewal levy passed by 128.

In the village of Holloway Kathy Neilson is leading for mayor against Joseph E. Schaeffer with 33 votes,  the EMS renewal levy passed by 38 votes.

In the village of Powhatan Point David L.Walters  is leading for village council against Joseph A. Asturi, and H. Brady Dierkes with 27.

In the village of Yorkville Dana A. Brown is leading for Mayor against Sandy Reasbeck with 198.

In Colerain Township Ralph E. King won for Township Trustee against George M. Kepreos and Dennis Morrison with 415.

In Goshen Township Shawn Thompson won for Township Trustee against Matt Cain 381 votes, the roads and bridges levy passed with 129 votes.

In Pease Township Roger L. Weaver won township trustee against Wayne West with  1,136 votes, the fire renewal levy passed with 384 votes.

In Richland Township Gregory Clark won township trustee against Thomas W. Costine, Carl Lehman, Todd W. Witchey with 849 votes

In Union Township Shane M. Kildow won township trustee with 210 votes, Shawn Roe won for school board against Alan Bretz, Terry A. Puperi with 1,062 votes

In Warren Township Martin D. Hissom won township trustee against Tim Smith with 446.

In Wayne Township Shaun Leach won township trustee against Bobbi Jo Billetter, and Lisa J. Jenewein with 104 votes, roads and bridges renewal levy passed by 132.

In Buckeye Local School District April Ogden won the school board against Teresa George, and Joseph A. Zelek by 92 votes.

In the Village of Bridgeport Kori L. Rosnick won against Jerry E. Moore, and Michael Walters by 589, SD 6 mills current expenses renewal levy passed with 534 votes.

In Harrison Hills CSD Edward Henry Banks III and Tracy Marie Mattern tied against John Eastman Visser with 1 vote.

In Shadyside LSD Randy J. Merryman won school board against Dominic B. Defelice, Ben Heslep, Donna Joseph with 789 votes.

For the full list of results in Belmont, visit the WOUB Elections page.