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Vinton County Vikings New Hope Academy Statesmen
New Hope Academy Statesmen @ Vinton County Vikings Dec. 3 2019

Vikings Hang On To Victory Versus New Hope

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MCARTHUR, Ohio- A fast-paced game ensued Tuesday night for the Vinton County Boys in their second match up of the season, this time taking on the New Hope Academy Statesmen.

The strong offense by the Statesmen kept the Vikings defense on their toes. Regardless, the Vikings came through with a 77-70 victory in a nail-biting, close-cut game. 

Gavin Arbaugh led the march against the Statesmen with 24 points and put on an impressive game when he scored a three-point buzzer beater at the end of the first half, allowing him to set the tone for the rest of the night. 

Entering the second half the Vikings picked up their defense, and many prevailed on the hardwood. 

On multiple baskets, Will Arthur found Arbaugh throughout the game. Both were on the same wavelength as they continued to score. 

Similar to Arbaugh, Lance Montgomery carried the offense in the second half and scored 23 points in the game. He had five rebounds, including two offensive rebounds. 

“I’m just proud of our guys for really finding a way to win when things didn’t go easy,” said Vikings Coach Matt Combs. “I told our guys, it’s a good quality to have to find ways to win when you don’t play your best, so we’re happy with that.”

The Vinton County Vikings next game will be Saturday, Dec. 7 against the Eastern Eagles in Reedsville.