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Trimble Lady Tomcats
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Lady Tomcats Make Few Mistakes en route to Win Over South Gallia

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CROWN CITY, Ohio- On Tuesday, January 23rd the South Gallia Rebels hosted the Trimble Lady Tomcats. This matchup created a high energy game.

The Lady Tomcats came into the game with momentum and used that to win 34-58. Despite the 24-point difference, the Lady Rebels had put up a fight.

The one aspect that put the Lady Rebels at a disadvantage was the careless mistakes being made. Continuously the Rebels would overthrow the ball and lose the ball when dribbling down the court.

Although there were mistakes made, going into the second half they started to get more momentum and make fewer errors. A key player in contributing to the team’s momentum was Amaya Howell. Having gone 3-for-3 in three-pointers in the first quarter, it allowed the team to start off the game strong. To add, Amaya Howell did a good job of passing the ball around, which allowed her teammates to have an easier time of making a basket.

On the other hand, the Lady Tomcat’s key player in this victory was Jayne Six. She was the leading scorer and had several blocks. These factors were part of the reason why the Lady Tomcats had such a dominant game.

The Tomcats overall had a game with little to no errors. Trimble had managed to do this by being smart with the ball and taking their time when shooting. This is one thing that the Tomcats had done very well from beginning to end.

With the Trimble Tomcats, it was clear throughout the game that they knew exactly what to do when getting a rebound. These ladies would continuously recover the rebounds and drive them to the basket with nothing but ease.

With winning by 24-points it will hopefully give them momentum going into their TVC matchup against Southern on Saturday the 25th.