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Although gathering for live music will be impossible for a little while, WOUB Culture is trying to keep the groove alive by asking members of the regional music scene about the music they have been relying on to get through these strange times.

Chloe Musick Stuart's

Chloe Musick is the Marketing and Public Relations Director at Stuart’s Opera House. In her freetime she makes up nicknames for her pets and talks on the phone with her mom for hours. She loves her hotdogs boiled and she believes in the value of a perfectly cooked egg to set a positive trajectory for the day. If you find her out and about, feel free to ask her about Che Guevara, Bigfoot, or reality tv.

Social distance doesn’t have to feel so distant if you can serenade your pets or listen to the sound of your own voice reverberate about the confines of the shower. My quarantine playlist is all about comfort. These are songs that I sing and dance to with my cat on my shoulder even when there isn’t a global pandemic. These are songs that remind me of the best things in life: like vampires, cats, and Randy Newman.

“Everybody Wants to Rule The World” –  Tears for Fears

This song makes the list because there’s nothing like a global pandemic to highlight the leaders from the wannabe leaders–those who just want to rule the world. This song is relevant and catchy. 

“Cool for Cats” – Squeeze

My mom used to play this song for me and frankly, it’s always been on my playlist for all occasions, mostly for dancing purposes. Each verse is a story, so if you can decipher this quick-paced bop, then enjoy.


“OCT 33” – Black Pumas

I really love the first album from the Black Pumas. I saw them in Columbus in January and the show was really quite special. They were set to play the Nelsonville Music Festival this year, so I have been so excited for everyone who has not seen them to have their minds blown with starpower. Unfortunately, NMF has been postponed, so this song is on this playlist to mourn the postponement…but also, I just love this song.

“I Saw A Tiger” – Joe Exotic

First, if you haven’t seen the Tiger King on Netflix, stop reading this list and start that show. I don’t think I am spoiling anything by saying that the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic, is a bad man. With this being said, Joe knows his value as a songwriter and I have been listening to several Joe Exotic originals, including “I Saw a Tiger.” This country ballad has been stuck in my head for what feels like decades and I’m not mad about it.  

“Brass Monkey” – Beastie Boys

My recommendation in quarantine is to make your days theme-based. I have had a day dedicated entirely to the Beastie Boys. This is important because 1) Someone needs to do Adam Yauch’s part, and 2) Theme-based days help to define the beginning and end of each day. Weeks can become a blur when on quarantine.

“Smoko” – The Chats
This song was a special request by my partner Kent. He claims that this song embodies the feelings one may encounter when working from home. When your boss needs something, just shout that you are on smoko. They will get it. Afterall, quarantine is really just a prolonged smoko. 

“80’s Celebration” – The Reduction Agents

I love this song and this record. This song in particular is in the movie Eagle vs. Shark, featuring some of my favorite kiwis Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi. If you check out this song, you should check out this movie and really just deep dive into all three of these talents. But I digress, I love this song because you feel joy rush through you when you listen. You can’t help but dance and there are only a few lyrics, so you can sing along after only a few listens.

“Come On In” – Lady Wray

I’m a sucker for a soulful voice and Lady Wray has got one that is worth listening to over and over again. This song makes you feel good and that’s all I could ask for in moments of crisis.

“Cosmic Dancer” – T. Rex

I feel this song in my bones. I play it cool in the workplace because I am a professional, but at home, I dance for all occasions. This song is about being unapologetic with your moves and quarantine is the perfect time to perfect said moves. For this jam in particular, I would recommend you wear a flowy scarf if you have one. 

“Time Will Come” – Tol-Puddle Martyrs

This is just a great rock song. The lyrics are a bit dark, especially given the current atmosphere. Plus, this is a great chance to learn the story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, the inspiration behind the band’s namesake. 

“Oh Shelia” – Ready for the World

At Stuart’s, I share the responsibilities in caring for about 15 different plants. While our offices are working from home, I have brought the plants to my house, including a poinsettia named Shelia. Shelia has seen better days. She’s had a few falls and when we all thought she was dead, she sprouted a new green leaf. This song is for her.

“Don’t Call My Name” – Skinshape

For me, this is the perfect song to have on in the background while I’m working. It chugs along at a relatively slow pace and it is good easy listening for that reason.

“You’re All I Need To Get By” – Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin is the queen of soul and really, she doesn’t need a reason to be on this list because she’s perfect. This song in particular makes the list because it is all about companionship and support, which is critical for me in this socially distant life. 

“Georgia” – Brittany Howard
I really love the entirety of Brittany Howard’s solo record Jaime, so I could’ve picked a few songs off this record for this playlist. I picked this one in particular because I feel like it best represents the whole record and it’s a pretty song describing a universal experience.

“Whole Wide World” – Wreckless Eric

I sing this song all year round, no matter the year, which makes it great for a quarantine playlist, your cat’s birthday playlist, an Arbor Day playlist, or a second lunch playlist. The possibilities are endless and that’s because a great love song never goes out of style and makes (almost) every situation better. 

“5 Year Plan” – Chance the Rapper

5 Year Plan is on Chance’s latest record The Big Day, which is great from top to bottom. This track in particular is about overcoming difficulty and looking to the future. It’s a pretty simple message, but totally relevant in moments of crisis. Plus, Randy Newman is featured on this particular track.