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WOUB Employee Spotlight: Membership Coordinator Deena Proffitt

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Proffitt has worked at WOUB for six years 

ATHENS, OH – While most WOUB Public Media employees work from home, Deena Proffitt is the friendly voice keeping the station connected to its members and the public. Proffitt is the WOUB membership coordinator and had the station phone line transferred to her mobile phone during the Coronavirus pandemic so that people can always get through to the station.

“When I speak with our donors and others who call the station on the phone, I not only help them with their question or issue, but I spend that little extra time to ask how they are and if they are doing alright,” said Proffitt. “I then express that it is a difficult time but it’s not permanent, and we will all get through this. I tell them that if they ever need anything or have questions to feel free to call me.”

Most of the phone calls Proffitt has received during the pandemic have been about activating and using WOUB Passport. WOUB Passport is a PBS streaming service that is an additional member benefit. It provides members who pledge more than $60 to the station with extended access to an on-demand library of quality public television programming as well as WOUB local productions.

“I know many people have found WOUB Passport extremely valuable during this time,” said Proffitt. “It gives members access to hundreds of high-quality PBS programs and local WOUB productions and provides that quality entertainment people are looking for to get through this crisis.”

Proffitt is a mother of two grown children, but she still has a baby at home – her chihuahua. She says her favorite hobby is embarrassing her children.

“I strongly believe in being silly every chance I get,” said Proffitt with a laugh.

Proffitt has been working at WOUB since May of 2014. She says she applied for the position because it seemed made for her and her abilities.

“I was looking for a position that would give me more of a sense of accomplishment when I saw the listing from WOUB. I have always been responsible for data management, which was part of the position, but the job also included customer service, creating reports and managing the monies donated to the programs,” said Proffitt. “I had also watched PBS as a child and had so many fond memories of the programming. I knew that going over to WOUB would be all new for me, and I love a challenge.”

And the job hasn’t disappointed Proffitt. She loves working at WOUB. Proffitt says the people she works with are great, and she is proud of how the station serves its members and the community, especially during this time.

“WOUB keeps the community informed of breaking news and information during this historic time, but I feel there is more,” said Proffitt. “WOUB is still providing quality TV and Radio programs to keep our viewers and listeners entertained.  Now that we are all social distancing, entertainment has become very important.  We all need that feeling of normalcy right now.”