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WOUB and Scripps College Employees Nominated for Regional Emmys

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Winners will be announced in October


ATHENS, OH – Four WOUB Public Media employees have been nominated for Ohio Valley Regional Emmy awards. Winners will be announced during the 56th annual awards ceremony which will be held virtually on October 4.

In the Arts/Entertainment category, WOUB Producer/Director Evan Shaw, WOUB Arts and Culture Reporter/Producer Emily Votaw, WOUB Audio Supervisor Adam Rich and Ohio University School of Media Arts and Studies Director Josh Antonuccio were nominated for The Gladden House Sessions: Mandolin Orange. 

The Gladden House Sessions is a video music series produced by WOUB, in collaboration with the Scripps College of Communication’s Media Arts and Studies program and the Nelsonville Music Festival. The Gladden House has served as the fifth stage at the multi-stage Nelsonville Music Festival for several years, featuring intimate performances and interviews with festival artists from the back porch of the historic Gladden House, located near the back of the Nelsonville Music Festival grounds. Over the course of the festival’s four days, WOUB records shows with many different bands. Unlike their main stage performances, The Gladden House Sessions offer the audience a much more intimate encounter with the artists.  

“The Emmy submission is from our set with Mandolin Orange, one of the surprise guests,” said Shaw. “We pushed an announcement through the festival’s app that a special show was coming up at the Gladden House but didn’t let the audience know who it was. A crowd of hundreds gathered around the porch and were treated to an outstanding performance.” 

“In a year where so much live music, including the Nelsonville Music Festival, has been cancelled due to COVID-19, being nominated for this type of production is really special,” said Votaw. “This performance has more than 70,000 views on YouTube. Quality, live music like this means so much to people.”

“The intimate setting of the Gladden House is a hard thing to convey on video,” said Rich, who is a previous regional Emmy winner. “But I think the way we shot it and the care we took with the audio, made people watching the performance on video feel like they were right there on the porch. It is an honor to be nominated and was an honor to be a part of the production.”

In the Historical Documentary category, Shaw, Rich and WOUB Radio Director Rusty Smith were nominated for Our Town: Morgan County. “Morgan County” is a historical documentary in the “Our Town” series. The goal of the series is to provide viewers an in-depth and educational look at the histories of local cities and towns in Southeastern Ohio and to remind people of the amazing legacy their ancestors built – and what’s still possible today. 

“The Morgan County documentary is the first one in the series where we focused on the story of an entire county versus just one city,” said Shaw, a 13-time regional Emmy winner. “I’m really excited that this program was nominated.” 

“Being the voice of the Our Town series has been a great experience,” said Smith, who won a regional Emmy in 2018 for Our Town: Jackson. “I am honored to be a part of the team that puts together these amazing documentaries.”