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WOUB Employee Spotlight: Accounting Specialist Yvonne Morman

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Morman has worked at WOUB since 2001

ATHENS, OH – WOUB Public Media Accounting Specialist Yvonne Morman was starting over when she came to the station in 2001. In her mid-40s at the time, her children were mostly grown, and she had recently completed her associate degree in accounting. Morman was looking for a new start, and what she found was an exciting adventure.

“I was an old lady when I came to WOUB, but there were so many things I hadn’t experienced,” said Morman laughing. “I had raised my kids on WOUB TV. It was the only TV station we had and to be able to see the other side of what went into creating the productions and bringing the station to life was just awesome.”

Morman was hired as an administrative associate. She worked with the Ohio University Learning Network (OULN) which was run out of WOUB at the time. OULN is a network of dedicated videoconferencing classrooms on the Athens campus, regional campuses and regional centers that supports remote learning.

“I really enjoyed working with the classes and all the students,” said Morman. “I also really liked that involvement in how the classes worked remotely allowing students on another campus to take Athens campus classes.”

Morman also did administrative work in WOUB’s production department.

“I got to do a little bit of everything,” said Morman. “I had to work to get permissions for WOUB to use copyrighted material in our programs. I got to order props and see how they put a studio together. It was a whole world I have never experienced before.”

Morman split her time between OULN and the production department for three years. Then she made the move to WOUB’s engineering department to use her accounting background.

“The engineering department worked with a lot of state grants. I got to help keep track of the grant money, reconcile grant spending and submit reports,” said Morman.

Through all her roles at WOUB, Morman has enjoyed working with the Ohio University students who get training at the station. She has enjoyed following their broadcasting careers once they graduate.

“It’s always nice as an older person to see the world through the eyes of a younger person and have a role in mentoring them and shaping their life,” said Morman. “Working at WOUB has been the most interesting 20 years of my life. Every day is different. I have truly loved it.”