Gas Station And Convenience Store Buffet Foods Are Back

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (Statehouse News Bureau) — If you’ve been missing picking that perfect donut out of the glass case to go with your morning coffee, your wait should soon be over.

Hot dogs cooking on rollers
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The state has given the green light to retailers to once again sell buffet style and to-go self-serve items that went away months ago to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The cookies in the clear cases at convenience stores and the steaming hot dogs on rollers at the gas stations can come back now.

The state has issued an order allowing gas stations and convenience stores to put out those items again.

Their rules will be much the same as for most caterers, restaurants and reception venues that have already been allowed to resume business.

That means required face masks for employees and customers, more cleaning and sanitizing, safe distancing and policies that keep sick employees home and away from the food.