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High Stakes: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Legacy & The Court’s Future: A PBS NewsHour Special TONIGHT at 8 p.m.

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At this moment, the country is mourning a historic civil rights figure and a cultural icon, and people are also being torn further in political acrimony over the fight to fill her seat.

NewsHour will focus on both of these major themes, with conversations with people who knew and worked with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, others who carry her work forward in the law, as well as reporting on the battle to replace her – how that is changing the remaining days of the campaign, and also possibly the very structure and nature of the Senate and the Court themselves.

Along with these thoughtful conversations and news making interviews, NewsHour also will include Ruth Bader Ginsburg in her own words – from various interviews that NewsHour and PBS have done in the past — and a wide range of voices of people explaining what RBG meant to them.