Unofficial Election Results For Morgan County

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Here’s how 6,774 of the 9,261 eligible voters in Morgan County voted in the 2020 General Election:

For President and Vice President,  the Trump/Pence ticket received 4,932 votes, Biden/Harris received 1,703 votes.

For Representative to Congress (15th District) Rep Steve Stivers received 5,044 votes and Dem Joel Newby received 1,365 votes.

For State Senator 20th District Rep Tim Schaffer received 4,788 votes and Dem Christian Johnson received 1,574 votes.

For State Representative 78th District Rep Brian Stewart received 4,699 votes and Dem Charlotte Owens received 1,597 votes.

For Member of the State Board of Education 9th District Michelle Newman received 2,491 votes and Ron Hood received 2,212 votes.

For Justice of the Supreme Court  Sharon Kennedy received 3,014 votes and John P. O’Donnell received 2,055 votes.

For Justice of the Supreme Court  Judi French received 2,870 votes and Jennifer Brunner received 2,083 votes.

For Judge of the Court of Appeals (5th District) William Hoffman received 2,722 votes and Jeff Furr received 1,824 votes.

For the Manchester Township Recreation 1 Mill levy renewal 42 voters were for the property tax and 23 were against it.

For the Manchester Township Cemetery maintenance 0.5 Mill Renewal 49 voters were for it and 15 against.

For the Stockport Village 1 Mill Fire Protection renewal levy 177 voters were for it and 39 against.

For the Marion Township 2 Mill Fire Protection Renewal 225 were for it and 101 against.

For the Meigsville Township 0.6 Mill Fire Fire Protection Renewal 392 were for it and 125 against.

For the Malta Village and Township 1 Mill Union Cemetery maintenance renewal 531 were for it and 212 against.

For the Deerfield Township 0.4 Mill Fire Renewal 299 were for it and 104 against.

For the Bloom Township 1.5 Mill Fire Renewal 313 were for it and 119 against.

For the Bristol Township 0.8 Mill Recreation Renewal 63 were for it and 33 against.

For the Penn Township 1 Mill Fire Renewal 251 were for it and 63 against.

For the Morgan County 1.97 Mill operating levy that funds the community programs, services, and facilities authorized by county boards of developmental disabilities passed;  3,985 were for it and 2,268 against.