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Jazzed About Work Celebrates Its 100th Episode Looking at What’s Coming Next

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In this Special Edition of Jazzed About Work, your usual host Beverly Jones reviews with guest host Tom Hodson some of the topics from past episodes but more importantly, previews what’s to come in 2021

Beverly and Tom also delve into career issues confronting us during the pandemic and Beverly gives advice on what is helpful during these troubled times.

She encourages anyone who feels stuck in the doldrums of pandemic isolation to “do something.” She emphasizes that personal growth, in some form, is a key to happiness and satisfaction.

Beverly particularly emphasizes the need for each of us to “learn something new” and to push ourselves beyond our normal creative limitations.

Positivity also is important, she says. It helps people spot opportunities, stay motivated, remain healthy and get along with others.

Especially during forced isolation, Beverly trumpets the need to stay involved with other people.

“Humans are hard-wired to need connection with other humans,” she says. “To be well and perform at your best, you need relationships with other people.”

Beverly also emphasizes the need for each of us to “look forward and move forward.” She warns that to remain static will only deepen the doldrums and lead to stagnation.

We, at WOUB Public Media, look forward to our ongoing relationships with Beverly and Jazzed About Work for at least another one hundred episodes.