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Executive Career Coach Beverly Jones hosts WOUB’s Jazzed About Work

ATHENS, OH – Beverly Jones can now add “CNN expert” to her long list of credits. The author, WOUB podcast host and executive career coach recently appeared on an episode of the CNN web series The Game Plan: Building a Strong Financial Future. Sponsored by several financial services companies and hosted by former professional football player and business owner Dhani Jones, the six-episode series looks to provide a path forward for people across the country who are facing financial challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and help them identify steps to a better financial future.

“I was thrilled to be a part of the program that is giving people useful information about getting back into financial health. Each episode features a financial expert and a client,” said Jones. “The episode I was a part of focused on getting back to work after you have been laid off or had some other type of job disruption.”

In her career, Jones has held a variety of leadership roles in energy companies, trade associations and universities. She now hosts a podcast for WOUB called Jazzed About Work where she interviews professionals who share their expertise related to the workplace and talk about what it takes to create resilient, rewarding careers.

“The client in my episode of The Game Plan was a former flight attendant, who was among the 10,000 laid off by American Airlines. It was his dream job, and we talked through the steps he could take to figure out what’s next,” said Jones. “People are overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. I worked through three steps that he needed to take to figure out how to move forward.”

Book coverIn addition to the CNN series, Jones also has a new book coming out in September called Find Your Happy at Work: 50 Ways to Get Unstuck, Move Past Boredom, and Discover Fulfillment.

“The book is about the nature of work and how to make work feel more like play by finding joy, meaning and value in your activities, even if you don’t like your job,” said Jones. “It’s about managing your own attitude and how to deal with things that make work less than ideal at some times.”

The book offers practical strategies to help people feel more enthusiastic and gratified on the job, whether from in the office or from home.

Jones says there are many changes that both employees and employers must navigate as we emerge from the pandemic. COVID-19 has changed the location of the workplace for many people, and there is a whole new world that employers will have to figure out when it comes to working from home and how that factors into their businesses moving forward.

“There is a strong feeling that some people never want to go back to the office, and a lot of people are making the case that you don’t have to be in the office and work with other people in order to do a good job,” said Jones. “But some of the things that went well in the pandemic were because the teams were already established, and the people already knew each other. And people do need people. Having a network of relationships is important to your thinking, creativity, health and wellbeing. I have no doubt there will be much more remote work. But I think a hybrid model is going to become the standard pretty quickly. Many people will be involved in a conscious effort to determine how and how often we need to work together.”

A new episode of Jones’ WOUB podcast Jazzed About Work will be available today.  You can find all the episodes here: