Discussing Extreme Weather With Dr. Jana Houser In Time For ‘Mr. Tornado’

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Ohio University’s Dr. Jana Houser has been fascinated with the weather since childhood.

“For me, it really started when my second grade teacher presented a science unit about the weather and I was really captivated by it,” said Houser, whose area of expertise is severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. “I had my parents order me Weather Channel home videos of hurricanes and tornadoes and I watched them over and over and over again. Ever since then, this has really been my path.”

Japanese-American meteorologist Tetsuya Theodore Fujita shared Houser’s deep-set passion for understanding the weather, which Houser says is shared by most meteorologists. Mr. Tornado is a documentary examining Fujita’s life and legacy of major meteorological breakthroughs. WOUB-TV will broadcast “American Experience: Mr. Tornado” Tuesday, June 29 at 9 p.m. ET.

Japanese-American meteorologist Tetsuya Theodore Fujita, whose life and legacy is traced by “Mr. Tornado.” (PBS)

Listen to WOUB Culture’s conversation with Houser about the meteorological breakthroughs she’s contributed to, taking part in the filming of the BBC’s The Greatest Show On Earth, and the importance of studying the weather in the first place, in the feature embedded above.