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Portsmouth West Steals The Stage From Wellston In Week Four

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WELLSTON, Ohio (WOUB) — A beautiful southeast Ohio night set the stage for a long arduous battle between the Portsmouth West Senators and the Wellston Golden Rockets. The high energy of the Senators and their ability to rush the ball gave them a sustainable edge from the first quarter to the last. The end score represents this at 41-8, Portsmouth victory.

The scoring streak began early in the night; the first Senator touchdown came with 8:39 yet to play in the first quarter. Moments later, quarterback Mitchell Irwin would drop a fantastic pass into the hands of  Jesse Dixon 25 yards away. That drive was followed up by an impressive 60 yard rush by Jeffery Bishop.

The Senators dominated the entire first quarter — Wellston’s offense nowhere to be found. The seconds in the half would trickle down, revealing a score of 28-0 at the break.

The Senators started the third much like they did the first with another early touchdown, but the Rockets weren’t ready to give up yet. Wellston finally secures points late in the third with a 5
yard rush by running back Isaac Molihan. This brought more life to the home team and, a successful two-point conversion put the score at 34-8.

Energy gained from the relief of scoring boosted the confidence of the Rockets, and they held Portsmouth to only one touchdown in the fourth. The game drags out for eight minutes without scoring, the final score is 41-8, giving Portsmouth West the victory. This marks the third loss for Wellston and second win for the Senators.

Portsmouth looks to maintain their momentum at KIPP Columbus next week, and Wellston strives to bounce back at their game next Friday against Alexander.